5 CIMA Study Tips to Keep You Committed to Studying

Today I wanted to offer you some more CIMA study tips to help you stay committed to studying when times get tough. Because sticking to any new routine – no matter how good for you – is a real challenge. Why? Because whether it’s healthy eating… exercising… CIMA study …or whatever else…it doesn’t take long […]

How to Choose the Right CIMA Jobs for YOUR Career Growth

  Bored. Undervalued. Frustrated. Unfulfilled. These are just a few of the horrible words that spring to mind when you’re trying to climb the career ladder  but the CIMA jobs you’ve taken so far have held you back. Perhaps you’ve really enjoyed certain topics in your CIMA studies such as…ratio analysis….investment appraisal…competitor analysis…but you haven’t […]

CIMA F1 Mini Lesson: How to deal with contingent consideration

  Unfortunately when students self-study for their CIMA exams it tends to lead to years of frustration, months of wasted effort and days sat there at your study desk in confusion. Why? Because even with excellent study technique, when you’re self-studying,  you’re having to teach yourself the study material.   So if you get stuck […]

The Ultimate Checklist for a Strong Strategic Case Study Script

  The Strategic Case Study Examiner will often highlight the differences between students who passed the most recent exam, and ones that failed. For instance, stronger candidates: produced a definition and followed through as to how it could be applied provided a wide range of relevant and well discussed factors Whereas weaker students: struggled to […]

The Surprising Secret to Passing the Strategic Case Study Exam

Getting your points down in the strategic case study exam is one thing. But making them count, so that they score marks and impress the examiner is another. The examiner reports often comment about poor answers being “too thin” and “under-developed” But what does that really mean? What kind of information would a Director in […]