4 Quick Questions To Ask Yourself If You Fail A CIMA Exam

Take a few moments to stop and think where you could have gone wrong. Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Did I study the full syllabus or just skim through parts of it?
  2. Did I make any silly mistakes in the exam to avoid next time?
  3. Did I manage my time sufficiently so that I completed the exam?
  4. Did I understand the question requirements or was I left wondering what they were asking for?

Once you have identified where you think you went wrong, commit to taking corrective action (what you’re going to do differently).

This could mean going back and covering more of the syllabus in depth…working on your time management under exam conditions…practicing more questions where the requirements aren’t immediately obvious…attempting longer style questions where you have to carefully read the scenario…or anything else that can help you improve your chances next time.

Once you’re confident (as you can be) that you’ve ironed out those areas of weakness, come back and retake your exam.

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