5 Inspirational Books for Rapid Career Growth (and Why I Still Use Them)

How to take control of your accounting and finance profession

  When we start our CIMA qualification we do so with a purpose.  Whether it’s to be more respected in our current workplace, to earn more money, to live and work abroad, to make a real difference in the world, to fulfil our full potential, or any number of other meaningful reasons. But quite often, […]

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CIMA Student Success Story with Chris Betts

If you’ve been studying for a number of years it can be easy to lose the will to carry on. Perhaps you’re no longer as engaged with the subjects compared to when you first started out or you’re in a demanding full time job that leaves you tired after work and dreading the thought of […]

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A Secret to Better Work Life

If you find yourself bored at work, limited by the tasks you are doing or find  you have some downtime, ask your manager if you can help them with anything.

This is a great chance to learn, develop and impress.

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How I Lost £10,000 and What You Can Do To Avoid This

I’m sorry I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog and social media recently. This week especially has been a busy one for me with a holiday to organise and being in the middle of moving house too.  So I’m feeling pretty drained at the moment. That being said, writing on this blog is a […]

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10 Tips For Climbing the Accounting Career Ladder (From the Pros)

Are you feeling frustrated with your career progression to date? Do you feel like your level of study has outgrown your job role? Have you ever wondered why you’re still at the same level despite years of hard work? I know I felt this way when I was a CIMA student – it makes you […]

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