5 CIMA Study Tips to Keep You Committed to Studying

Today I wanted to offer you some more CIMA study tips to help you stay committed to studying when times get tough. Because sticking to any new routine – no matter how good for you – is a real challenge. Why? Because whether it’s healthy eating… exercising… CIMA study …or whatever else…it doesn’t take long […]

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How To Find Confidence Ahead of Your CIMA Exams

  Does preparing for your CIMA exams feel like a daunting task?  It often was for me! It felt like I was on my own, climbing up the face of a mountain, with no sign of the summit in sight. There are usually two main factors that hold you back: Fear of failure A lack […]

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4 Things to Consider When Debating Your CIMA Study Options

If you’re weighing up your CIMA study options, you need to be quick and decisive. It’s great to have the flexibility of choosing a study method that fits around your life.  Rather than the other way around.  But with those different options to deliberate over, often comes confusion and delay. Not only does it take […]

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When CIMA Study Becomes Boring (And What To Do About it)

5 practical tips to keep you more engaged

Chances are, parts of your CIMA study will bore the pants off you. In fact, you might even find yourself dozing off within 30 minutes. When this is the case, it’s a real struggle to get stuck into your books. I certainly found this to be true during my CIMA study.  The E papers – […]

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How to Generate Money to Fund Your CIMA Studies

Tips and ideas so you can pay for the resources and tuition you need

Have you ever found yourself with sub-standard CIMA study material? Have you ever wished that you could afford more exam style questions to practice or enrol onto an online course? Have you ever worried that you’re never going to pass an exam because you’re self-studying and have limited resources to help you prepare? Don’t worry […]

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