CIMA Practical Experience

I’ve compiled all the information and resources you’ll need to meet your CIMA Practical Experience Requirements (PER) for quick reference.

This is a compulsory part of becoming CIMA qualified alongside passing your exams.

I recommend that you bookmark this page as it will be continuously updated to provide you with only the best, up to date, resources for this element of the CIMA qualification

What are the CIMA Practical Experience Requirements?

In order to become a Chartered Global Management Accountant (ACMA, CGMA), you need a minimum of three years RELEVANT work-based experience that can be verified by current or previous employers (preferably your managers).

Practical experience is deemed relevant by CIMA if it meets their assessment criteria (see below).

Of the 3 years practical experience required, at least 18 months of this must have involved one or more of the tasks under the CORE area of the assessment criteria.

The PER requirements have changed since 2016, to coincide with the updated professional syllabus in 2015.

The Updated Practical Experience Requirements (PER) can be found by clicking here

CIMA Practical Experience Documents

  1. An assessment of practical experience/membership application form (signed by a proposer and seconder.)
  2. An employment summary
  3. A detailed record of your experience (see article below)
  4. record of skills development

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