CIMA Strategic Level

Free CIMA Strategic Level Study Resources

free CIMA strategic level resources

I’ve compiled all the information and resources you’ll need to pass the CIMA Strategic Level under the 2015 syllabus.  I’ve organised them by CIMA paper for quick reference.  Just scroll down to find what you want.

I recommend that you bookmark this page – press Ctrl D (PCs) or Command D (Macs) on your keyboard – as it will be continuously updated to provide you with only the best, up to date, resources for this level of the CIMA qualification.


CIMA F3 – Financial Strategy

CIMA F3 Study Materials and Tuition

Matt’s CIMA F3 Articles and Exam Tips

 CIMA P3 – Risk Management

CIMA P3 Study Materials and Tuition

Matt’s CIMA P3 Articles and Exam Tips

Free CIMA P3 Resources From CIMA Connect


CIMA E3 – Strategic Management

CIMA E3 Study Materials and Tuition

Free CIMA E3 Resources

  • CIMA E3 Self Study Guides
  • CIMA E3 Technical Articles
  • CIMA E3 Video Tutorials
  • CIMA E3 Exam Tables and Formulae
  • CIMA E3 Pilot Paper (2015 Syllabus)
  • CIMA E3 Past Paper Questions and Answers (Still relevant to the 2015 Syllabus)

Matt’s CIMA E3 Articles and Exam Tips

CIMA Strategic Level Case Study (SCS)

CIMA SCS Study Materials and Tuition

From The Blog: Matt’s CIMA SCS Articles and Exam Tips

Free CIMA SCS Resources From CIMA Connect