How To Find Confidence Ahead of Your CIMA Exams

demotivated by CIMA exams


Does preparing for your CIMA exams feel like a daunting task?  It often was for me!

It felt like I was on my own, climbing up the face of a mountain, with no sign of the summit in sight.

There are usually two main factors that hold you back:

  1. Fear of failure
  2. A lack of self confidence

Both of which make it hard to keep going when times get tough.    Thankfully, based on my own experience, I’ve got some great tips and advice to keep you motivated.

Keep a Positive Attitude 

The first step in taking on your CIMA exams is to think and act confidently, even if you don’t feel like it.


You can start by breaking down your CIMA sylalbus into manageable chunks (see my detailed advice here) which will turn climbing Everest into a set of smaller hills.

This will boost your confidence as see yourself working your way through your CIMA paper.

And when you encounter a problem area, rather than seeing this as a roadblock that stops you in your tracks.  Look at it as a crossword or suduko puzzle to be solved.  A challenge that’s tough, but one that you can overcome.

It’s amazing how far this little change in mindset will take you.

Be Realistic 

As I’m sure you’re aware studying the CIMA qualification requires some serious time management and self discipline.

To allocate an appropriate amount of study time, you will definitely need to make some sacrifices in your personal life. But remember these are only temporary.  The short term pain is worth it for the long term gain of career growth and a leap in salary.

Once you have been able to find sufficient time in your schedule, create your personal, weekly study plan. One that builds from the previous session so that you are less likely to get lost and lose momentum. Doing it this way will also give you time to digest the fundamentals before building upon them as you get into the real detail of the subject.

But the only way a study plan will work is if you stick to it. Come up with a reward system to motivate you to stay on track.  For example, you can only watch the big game at the weekend or tune in to your favourite TV show (like my favourite Game of Thrones) if you complete every study session you planned.

At the same time, don’t be too hard on yourself and remember to give yourself at least one day off of studying during the week. Like training in fitness, your muscles need rest days; so does your brain.

Make Yourself Accountable

The hardest part of reaching any goal is staying on track, especially when you think you still have plenty of time.

Get your friends and family on board with your goal of CIMA qualification, and make sure they understand how important it is that you spend time studying for your CIMA exams.

You will shock yourself with the excuses you can come up with.  Even the household chores can be more appealing than stduying at times.  And it’s so easy to give in to all of the opportunities that will conveniently coincide with a study session along the way. But don’t do it! 

Understand that your time is valuable and you need to treat each study session as if it were a very important appointment. When it comes to your own personal success it has to come from within.   There are no limitations, only excuses.  I know YOU can do it.  And I’m here to help you along the way.

Your Fast Track to Success

Studying for your CIMA qualification doesn’t have to be a long and lonely road.  You can actually make it a much more enjoyable, speedy and attainable experience.  Where you complete your CIMA exams faster than you could on your own.

That’s where the expertise of an experienced tutor comes in.  Because with the right help,  you too, can become an expert in each subject you take. With my recommended Online CIMA courses, much of the hard work is already done for you.  All you have to do is follow their proven blueprint.

Thanls for reading


P.S. What else are you struggling with right now? Let me know by dropping a comment below. I’m here to guide you all the way to CIMA exam SUCCESS!

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