5 Inspirational Books for Rapid Career Growth (and Why I Still Use Them)

How to take control of your accounting and finance profession

  When we start our CIMA qualification we do so with a purpose.  Whether it’s to be more respected in our current workplace, to earn more money, to live and work abroad, to make a real difference in the world, to fulfil our full potential, or any number of other meaningful reasons. But quite often, […]

9 Steps to Planning Your Strategic Case Study Exam Answer

When it comes to passing the strategic case study exam, you need to overcome the most common error identified in the examiner reports: “The main issue as usual was candidates not answering the question” “Answers could often be improved considerably by applying the answer directly to the case study and making answers less generic”  “The […]

10 Case Study Exam Time-Saving Tips

Have you noticed that nearly every examiner report comments on exam time management? Why? Because apart from failing to address the specific questions asked, poor time management is the biggest reason why students don’t achieve a pass. It can lead to writing too much for one requirement and not enough for another.  Even though both […]

The Definitive Guide to Structuring Management Case Study Answers

Even before you attempt your actual sitting, it’s important to always try and improve your management case study mock exam scripts. Because these will get you into the habit of writing clear and well presented answers which address the likely questions you’ll get on the case. But that’s easier said than done, right? Because, there’s […]